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Like Baywatch for Revenue Teams

Track your buyers' job movements at scale to win new deals, avoid churn and grow faster.

When your buyers and users switch companies, BuyerWatch notifies you and automatically updates your CRM with their new info.

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20% of your buyers will change jobs this year

When your buyers move jobs, you have the opportunity to win a new customer and the risk of losing your current one. BuyerWatch helps you win the opportunity and avoid the risk by notifying you of job changes and automatically updating your CRM with the most up-to-date information.


Growth Reimagined

BuyerWatch tracks your customers and users for job changes. When your buyers change jobs, BuyerWatch automatically updates your CRM and notifies you so you can win more and churn less.

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Win New Accounts

New executives spend most of their budget in the first 3 months. Plus, if you’ve already sold to them once, the second time is easier.

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Reduce Customer Churn

When your Champion leaves your current customer, avoid the risk of churn by connecting before they start looking for new vendors. 

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Propel Product-Led Growth

Your alumni users already know and love you! Why not track their changes and get your foot into their new company?

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Revive Closed Lost Opps

Remember those decision-makers who didn’t buy due to timing and budget issues? New company, new budgets, new timing.

Highest Accuracy B2B Data (powered by Infotelligent)

BuyerWatch is powered by Infotelligent - The only B2B search engine with real-time lead verification.

  • 97% accuracy with real-time lead verification

  • 135M contacts, 7.6M companies

  • 65M+ mobile phone coverage

  • 51M+ technology installations

  • 3 sources of intent data

  • Trusted by:

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Champion LTV is the New Customer LTV

When champions and users move jobs:
  • Sales can win more new accounts

  • Customer success can avoid churn

  • Marketing & Demand Gen. can grow user base

Generate warm opportunities with automated triggers when customers and users change companies.


Win Rate

Reduce Churn

Grow Faster

What Our Clients Say...

This is a brilliant idea! Tracking your customers and remarketing to them is a golden revenue tactic and BuyerWatch helps us achieve this with zero effort.

Head of Marketing

Kaspersky Labs

This is exactly what we’ve been looking for. BuyerWatch helps us track champions at scale and resulted in 7X ROI within 30 days of implementation.

Ebru Canfesci,
Sales Enablement Manager



New executives spend 70% of the budget in their first 100 days

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