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Use Cases

All revenue teams benefit from BuyerWatch: Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and RevOps

Growth Reimagined


Hit your number with leads that convert faster than any other leads you work with.


Increase your revenue attribution by re-marketing to previous customers and users

Customer Success

Prevent churn when a Champion leaves your or when a new executive joins your customer account.

New executives spend 70% of the budget in their first 100 days

@Sales: Close More, Close Faster

New executives spend 70% of the budget in their first 100 days as they evaluate the team and tech stack that they inherited. That's when they're most open to sales conversations. If these executives already know your brand and have previously used your solutions, they're your best converting leads. Your past customers are much more likely to buy again. You've already built the relationship, earned their trust, and proven value to them in the past. BuyerWatch tracks your customers & champions for job changes and automatically creates new leads with their new contact information (new title, email, direct phone) so you can reach out with a personalized and timely message.

Companies Miss 85% of Sales Opps Arising from Job Changes

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